Questions & Answers pt.1

Part One of the answers to all your most commonly asked Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter questions – including my butt workout routine, my favourite makeup products, skincare, and what apps I use to edit my photos.

What are my favourite make-up products?

If you follow my SnapChat you know I don’t wear foundation, but I do wear concealer, mascara and brow products on the daily. For under eye correction I use a thin layer of Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in “Cafe 30” with Models Prefer Argan Infusion Concealer in “Medium” on top. Then lightly set with Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder. For mascara I use Benefit’s “They’re Real!” and for brows I use Anastasia Brow Wiz in “Granite” with Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. My favourite eyeliner is Benefit’s “Push-Up Liner” for the perfect cat-eye.

What is my skincare routine?

I get this question a lot and I haven’t changed my routine for months – I find it difficult to try new products because my skin is so sensitive. I’ll start with my night routine. First I remove any mascara and eyeliner with Sephora’s Eye Makeup Remover. Then I use my Clarisonic Mia with the “Cashmere Cleanse” head and the Clarisonic “Refreshing Gel Cleanser” to deeply cleanse my face. Finally I pat my face dry and apply Cedar + Stone “Equinox” face serum and sleep with it on. In the morning I rinse my face with clean water – no products. I pat dry and use Cetaphyl moisturiser. That’s it!

How did I colour my hair grey?

I got my hair colour done professionally at a salon in Potts Point (Sydney, Australia) called Jon Sewell Hair. I started by going blonde – to go grey you have to lift your hair to the cleanest blonde possible otherwise it will just turn out murky and ash brown. My hair was artificially coloured with permanent black dye, so it took 3 sessions of bleach (a 12 hour process) to lift to a dark blonde, followed by another 2 sessions of bleach (8 more hours) the following week to lift to platinum blonde. How did my hair not fall out? My hairdresser is awesome… and Olaplex (ask your hairdresser). From there he was able to go over the top with grey dye that he formulated at the salon.

How do I keep my hair healthy?

Truthfully, it’s pretty dry from all the bleaching. I try to maintain it’s strength as much as possible by using the Olaplex “Hair Perfector No.3” (a take home treatment) weekly, and visit my hairdresser often for proper in-salon treatments. After every wash I also apply Oil Of Marrakesh to towel-dried hair and let it air dry. If I ever do need to use the hairdryer or styling tools (I avoid any heat for the most part) I use a thermal protectant spray.

How tall am I?

A teeny 5’3″ 🙂

How did I get into modelling?

I’m not really a model, I’m way too short! I have been booked for shoots and campaigns, but mostly because of my exposure on Instagram. Brands just found my Instagram and liked my look and reached out. It’s pretty awesome the opportunities you have access to because of the Internet.

Where do I get my style inspiration?

No idea! I just get an idea into my head of something I really want to try – an outfit or a different look from some random era, and literally go out of my way to find it in stores or op-shops. I think Instagram is amazing in that I can follow really dope people and get inspired by their style, but you definitely just have to follow your own sense of fashion because it’s an expression of yourself.

Where do I buy my clothes, especially my sneakers?

I actually don’t have a lot of time to shop, but when I do I shop everywhere. I get a lot of basics from your usuals – Uniqlo, H&M, TopShop; and then I also shop in vintage stores, random small designer boutiques, the markets, anywhere! I never shop online, though. It’s just not my thing. My sneakers I’ve collected from all my travels – a bunch of my favourites are from Tokyo and NYC. I’ve never waited around for a hyped shoe to drop – I just cop whatever I come across that I fall in love with. Some stores in particular range from Footlocker to Sneakerboy, the Nike store to Opening Ceremony. I legitimately can’t even remember where they are all from, just anywhere I come across them.

What apps do I use to edit my photos?

It goes like this: 1) VSCO to adjust brightness/contrast/temperature; 2) Snapseed to desaturate backgrounds (make them more grey) and sharpen; 3) Instagram!

How did I meet Makai?

Funnily enough, Instagram! We were following each other back when I had like 200 followers and he had about 800. I remember when he hit 1000 I was like daaaaaamn, haha. But yeah, we were just following each other for a bit and he did the old slide into the DMs (but my Facebook DMs, because Instagram didn’t have that yet). And 3 and a half years later, here we are!

What is my fitness routine?

I train about 4 times a week (but really like 2 times a week and then I have a “headache” or am “too tired” or something – I have no discipline). At least one session is cardio and abs because I like keeping petite and try to maintain my waistline. Another session is dedicated to legs and my butt because I like being curvy too. I know, I want it all. The rest of the week I try to get in at least one upper body workout and another cardio workout. I always train with weights, I don’t see any growth otherwise.

What butt exercises do I do?

I always start with barbell squats, as heavy as possible. I also deadlift with the barbell, do walking lunges with kettle bells, and do weighted single-leg leg presses. Those are my mains. Other favourites include sumo kettle bell squats, weighted hip thrusts, weighted glute kickbacks, and Bulgarian split squats with dumbells. You can find tutorials for all of these on YouTube, but I had a personal trainer teach me everything I do. I’ll probably make a whole proper post dedicated to this later on.

What is my diet?

What diet? I am the worsssssst at trying to “eat clean”. I enjoy my food and I’m not scared of the calories.

When am I going to launch my YouTube channel?

ASAP. I know I’ve said that a lot but I promise, it’s soon.


If I forgot anything, comment below!



123 thoughts

  1. hi i just need to tell u how jealous I am of you if you can just eat what u want and train twice a week – AND still keep that physic 😩 I’m a dancer and workout more hours a week than I can count but I’m still so wobbly and have so much excess fat I’m embarrassed of even telling anyone I dance.. I try to eat healthy and rather clean but I’m starting to feel like I’m a lost case ://

    yeah well sorry for complaining haha just wanted to drop by and tell you you’re great 🙂


    1. Hi Linda!! You shouldn’t be, I literally go to the gym because I am so slim and WANT to put on the curves! The grass is always greener I guess. I bet you look beautiful, thanks for your kind words and feel free to email me if you wanna chat more about workouts xxx


    2. Hi Linda, try herbalife darl. A lot of success with same kind of issues. It will clean your intestine and make your villi healthy. Food you eat will determine 80% of your body shape. 20% is exercise. I used to be a ballerina. Even I danced all day, if I ate the wrong thing I got heavier..


  2. You sound like a really nice person. And soooo beautiful. I started following you when a friend tagged me in a picture saying that I look like you jaja. I wish. Anyways, thanks for sharing, I really admire your style! Adiooos


  3. Hi, I just wanna say your an inspiration and I love your style! I wanna know more about your workouts and stuff as I’m trying to get into fitness


  4. Hi Rachel!

    Just wanna say thank you so much for finally posting this Q+A cause literally i’ve been waiting for this moment and its finally happened! You are an amazing young lady! I started following you 2 years ago because you are different than any body else and I just love everything on your Instagram (style, love life, bootie! Your skin, make up, many more) + you seems very humble! Please keep inspiring people xx

    Cheers from Indonesia.


  5. hi rachel! thanks so much for sharing it’s always great to see people on social media who are honest about their fitness style and etc. keep doing you because i love what you put out! big fan 🙂


  6. Hi Rachel,
    Ive been a fan ever since. I was one of your first 1,200 followers and now Im one of the 300k. I just want to say I admire your integrity when it comes to your post about everything and how youve always been 100% real with us. Continue to inspire us! Also I know that genetics plays a role in our physique but is there any core exercises that helps slim our waistlines smaller that you do. Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Samantha! Thanks so much for your ongoing support, that’s crazy you’ve been with me from the beginning I’m so happy!!! Of course, I don’t ever want to be anything different from my true self 🙂 As for exercises, like I said I do a bit of cardio to keep my body fat down and then a lot of ab exercises to keep my waist trim. My favourites are weighted crunches, oblique twists, hanging leg raises – I’ll do a whole post about it because there’s so many! xxx


  7. Hello Rachel! I have to tell you that you’re probably my biggest inspiration on instagram, you can own so many styles and mix tomboy with edgy classy. I just love how you’re able to show that even though you’re 5’3 you can still look like a model. I love your curves and wish I had them so bad!!! Thank you for posting and sharing this, love you xx

    PS: Can’t wait for your youtube channel to come out!


  8. Hi Rachel! Totally love your pictures and how humble you are in sharing your lifestyle, fashion and apps used. Just a quick question, how do you desaturated your background to make on snapseed?

    Diana xx


  9. Hi Rachel! Soo we’re the same height, team Filipinas! I’m the same like you where I want to gain “curves” but still remain petite. I’m 100lbs, how did you start? I do all the workouts you mentioned and lift heavy, but it’s probably my inconsistent eating habits. Any tips you can offer would be niiice!


    1. Hi Alyssa! When I was younger I struggled to put on weight and I weighed about the same 100lbs. I started by lifting weights consistently and sticking to a high protein diet to make sure my muscles repaired and grew with every workout. Talk to a personal trainer, dietician or even the helpful people at supplement stores to give you better advice!


  10. I’m such a big fan of you and your style. You’ve been a big inspiration to me in terms of fashion Haha my boyfriend also loves your boyfriends style as well, mostly his kicks!


  11. Hi Rachel, I love your style! I’m so happy for your success =). Thanks for keeping us updated on Snapchat. What are you favorite fashion trends or go-to items recently?


    1. Hi Bea, thanks so much – I love interacting with you guys on SnapChat! I’m pretty lazy at the moment, so my go-to look is a relaxed mom jean and cropped singlet, with some cute block-heeled sandals 🙂


  12. Can you please do a tutorial on your workouts!! I want your body so bad and I, myself have no discipline lol.

    Sincerely, hopeless skinny fat person


    1. I definitely would want to do tutorials through YouTube, because I feel like that would be too hard to demonstrate properly in a written blog. So I’ll add that to list of things to film 🙂 And I have no discipline either, haha!


  13. Sliding through your comments… Heheh

    Rachel, I love your style and you’re so gorgeous!! Continue to inspire us with your blessed good looks and style ❤ I can't believe you use so little skincare products and your skin still looks gleaming!

    You're definitely right about the bleaching.. Grey hair is so difficult! I sadly had to chop off 4 inches of damage 😭 Would you ever wear extensions? I feel like you're pretty low maintenance and that would add a whole 'nother step to your routine!

    Cant wait for the YouTube channel to launch ❤️ Aussie accents are ze best hah 😊

    Much love from California! 🙏🏼


    1. Hello my love! Thanks for all the positivity 🙂 I probably wouldn’t have extensions put in, just because I wouldn’t have the patience to care for them properly haha. My hairdresser sometimes plays with clip ins for the day, but nothing longer than that. Can’t wait to start filming videos for you too! xxx


  14. Hey Rachel,

    Thanks for keeping it real and sharing through this Q&A. It was nice to get to know you better, and I’m happy with the success you’ve had so far, yet are able to stay down to earth 🙂 looking forward to more Q&As and other posts.


  15. hi rachel, could you please mention which phone or camera/app you usually use and suggest to take pictures, literally your feed is life and your style is phenomenal. much love and support to you, carmina and makai 🙂 (keep slaying you all)


  16. Hello! Love that you’re sharing your fitness tips for free and look forward to your booty exercise post to come! Just wondering what exercises you do to keep your waist so slim?


  17. Hi Rachel! (all the way from LA!)
    I love your Instagram, you have such a classy, sexy style!
    Was wondering what products do you use to keep your skin clear? I see you receive products from companies to try, but which is your favorite to use daily?
    Oh and are you and Carmina related? You guys look so alike!
    Soooooooo much love for your inspirational style and personality on social media! Keep up the good work xox


  18. Hey I loooooove your style and your honesty . I’m from SOUTH AFRICA and was wondering if you would come thru and if so please do a meet and greet . Lookin forward 2 your youtube channel xoxoxoxoxooxxo


  19. Do you actually wear fake lashes? I know you wear the benefit mascara but your lashes look really long 😱 (I have short lashes / asian problems)
    Love ya ♡
    (Also excited for youtube)


  20. Hey Rachel,

    Huge Instagram fan of yours. Your literally the only chick I have to check up on regularly! Your style is so fresh and classic, can’t get enough! You should come out to Toronto, the shopping and food scene will be right up your alley. Plus a meet and greet would be dope too. ( a lot of Australians in T.O too) anyways keep being fire!!!

    Hayley xx (hazeyh on IG)


  21. Hi Rachel!
    I’ve been following you for such a long time, and I’m still so happy that I have found you on Instagram 🙂 I also have you on snapchat and I love love love your style! Especially all of the boyfriend/mom jeans you wear! I’ve also commented on one of your pictures about where you got one of your jeans and you commented back, but could you make a post about your top 5 or 10 jeans? 🙂 thank you!


  22. Hi Rachel I love your pictures, blog, and I am so excited for your youtube channel! I was just wondering where you find your Levi mom jeans that are all over your instagram. I have been on the hunt for jeans like those for forever xxxxxxoooo


    1. Hi Eunice, it’s a Latin quote from Virgil’s Aeneid with many interpretations and translations – but this felt most fitting for me: “An hour will come, with pleasure to relate your sorrows past, as benefits of Fate.”


  23. Hi Rachel

    I loved reading this, you sound like a lovely girl and you are absolutely gorgeous, I love looking at your pics for style/make up inspiration. I had one more question: what lipstick do you use? I love that matte red/browny tone that you are wearing in that pic where you have blonde hair and a nose ring. Soooo pretty. Would love to know where you got that from…

    All the best,


  24. PLEASEEEEE PLEASE DO A POST DEDICATED TO YOUR EXERCISE ROUTINE 😭🙏🏽 i can’t afford a personal trainer and have no idea what exercises are the right ones to get curves like yours 😦


  25. Hi Rachel,

    I loveeeeee your instagram page. Very inspiring! Just wanted to ask what lip products you use, love the lip colour!



  26. Rachel!!! You are bae!! I love your personality and style. I noticed that you have really nice and even skin, when you use your self-tanner do you also apply it on your face? I can’t get over how even your skin tone is, I mean from head to toe you are perfectly even! I cant’ wait for your youtube channel to come out!!!!

    Much love,

    Teasella xoxo


    1. Hiiiiiii hehe thank you! I don’t use it on my face, and my face is naturally quite a bit lighter so I’ll sometimes just use a pressed powder to even out my skin colour and tone xx


  27. Hi Rachel! Please do a post about the lip products you use! Maybe on some nude colors and the dark/brownish/idk colors you use? It’s super difficult finding colors to match tanned skin and we have the same skin tone so that would really help hehe. Thanks for being so approachable and friendly! Love your style ❤️


  28. hey Rachel, i’m a fan of your blog as well as snapchat, twitter and instagram! I’m all the way in Cape Town, South Africa – what advice can you give me for my own blog? It’s about the music scene here, but how to grow my brand etc


    1. Hi lovely, thanks for the kind words. Just keep creating quality content consistently and you’ll find the people who are like-minded and enjoy your work will be drawn to you! Create a community by interacting with your followers, whether that be SnapChat or replying to comments on you blog, so you are personable and not just an on-screen identity. Most of all, just have fun with it and be yourself! xx


  29. Hey Rachel!
    I’ve been following you for a while and I just wanna say that I really love your style!
    I’m a slim girl like you and I was wondering how long did it take for you to actually start seeing results? And what keeps you motivated because I have a workout regimen but I get lazy and fall off all the time.


    1. Hello love. I started training with weights when I was in high school, but when my metabolism naturally slowed down as I grew older I found that made all the difference in being able to put on weight and keep it on. I’m really bad at keeping motivated to work out, instead I go when I feel like I need a little tone or want to maintain results a couple days a week and just try to be happy with my body 🙂


  30. Hi Rachel just wanted to let you know you’re my body inspo ! totally aiming to get your body ! You’re just the cutest ! Sending love from Arizona !


  31. Hi rachel i know this is a weird question and im sorry!! Forgive me but with your shoes do you prefer not to wear socks or do you wear the flat socks your outfits inspire me ❤️


  32. Hi rachel! 😍 U r so gorj! Keep up the awesome work and inspiration! Please share us the lipstick’s and lipglosses you use! Love all the colours you’ve be been using especially the deep pink/purple tone you used on snap today at an event in Melbourne, was it by colourpop? Update us asap i’m dyingggggggg to know 😭



  33. Hi Rachel,

    I was wondering who was your PT when you first started out training? Also, do you take any supplements/protein powder?

    You are so fab! Much love ! xxx


  34. Hey Rachel,

    Will you be doing more posts about Fitness? I go to the gym probably 5/6 times a week mixing it up with One long run, 2x HIIT , and the majority circuits/ weights etc. and I eat healthy but i do know I probably have a bigger appetite then most ( but i think could be the exercise i do im not sure) and I like to go for brunches with friends etc. But it seems no matter what I do, how toned my stomach and lean my upper body is, My legs still look chunky and bulky, and its not a nice lean look with a butt. I have a butt but my legs look chunky in a way that looks like a rugby player/ makes it hard to find outfits for my lower half ( awkward pear shape?) While it looks like although you are curvy you still look more lean and tone! While im so fit but I dont look it I look more chubby then anything! . Its just hard to stay motivated when you feel like you deserve the results!
    Sorry didnt mean for this message to get so long , wasnt sure if you would understand what I was trying to say!

    Also do a post on your favourite places to eat around Sydney! All the cafes/ bars you go to the food looks amazing!


    1. Hello lovely,

      It’s probably that you’ve built up muscle in your legs too which is making them feel “bulky”. Especially if you’re quite toned in your upper body, the legs are the biggest muscle group so it makes sense that the more you’re exercising the more these muscles will grow too. It’s not a bad thing, I love thick legs! But talk to a personal trainer about what exercises will help you achieve your ideal 🙂

      Will definitely do a Sydney foodie blog post, thanks for the idea! xxx


  35. Hi Rachel ❤️ are you willing to show what type of socks you wear with your shoes in your snapchat ? Sometimes i feel like you do the no sock look i may be wrong but it still looks really cute!!!! Love your style to ❤️❤️❤️


  36. Hi Rachel!
    In several of your instagram posts you have really voluminous, curly hair. How do you get these curls??? I have tried so hard w my curling wand but I can never get the same results :/

    thanks <3,


  37. Can i request you make a quick video on snpchat of you putting on the white shoes you just got lol everyone wants to witness you wearing socks with them ❤️❤️


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