Questions & Answers pt.1

Part One of the answers to all your most commonly asked Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter questions – including my butt workout routine, my favourite makeup products, skincare, and what apps I use to edit my photos.

What are my favourite make-up products?

If you follow my SnapChat you know I don’t wear foundation, but I do wear concealer, mascara and brow products on the daily. For under eye correction I use a thin layer of Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in “Cafe 30” with Models Prefer Argan Infusion Concealer in “Medium” on top. Then lightly set with Nars Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder. For mascara I use Benefit’s “They’re Real!” and for brows I use Anastasia Brow Wiz in “Granite” with Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. My favourite eyeliner is Benefit’s “Push-Up Liner” for the perfect cat-eye.

What is my skincare routine?

I get this question a lot and I haven’t changed my routine for months – I find it difficult to try new products because my skin is so sensitive. I’ll start with my night routine. First I remove any mascara and eyeliner with Sephora’s Eye Makeup Remover. Then I use my Clarisonic Mia with the “Cashmere Cleanse” head and the Clarisonic “Refreshing Gel Cleanser” to deeply cleanse my face. Finally I pat my face dry and apply Cedar + Stone “Equinox” face serum and sleep with it on. In the morning I rinse my face with clean water – no products. I pat dry and use Cetaphyl moisturiser. That’s it!

How did I colour my hair grey?

I got my hair colour done professionally at a salon in Potts Point (Sydney, Australia) called Jon Sewell Hair. I started by going blonde – to go grey you have to lift your hair to the cleanest blonde possible otherwise it will just turn out murky and ash brown. My hair was artificially coloured with permanent black dye, so it took 3 sessions of bleach (a 12 hour process) to lift to a dark blonde, followed by another 2 sessions of bleach (8 more hours) the following week to lift to platinum blonde. How did my hair not fall out? My hairdresser is awesome… and Olaplex (ask your hairdresser). From there he was able to go over the top with grey dye that he formulated at the salon.

How do I keep my hair healthy?

Truthfully, it’s pretty dry from all the bleaching. I try to maintain it’s strength as much as possible by using the Olaplex “Hair Perfector No.3” (a take home treatment) weekly, and visit my hairdresser often for proper in-salon treatments. After every wash I also apply Oil Of Marrakesh to towel-dried hair and let it air dry. If I ever do need to use the hairdryer or styling tools (I avoid any heat for the most part) I use a thermal protectant spray.

How tall am I?

A teeny 5’3″ 🙂

How did I get into modelling?

I’m not really a model, I’m way too short! I have been booked for shoots and campaigns, but mostly because of my exposure on Instagram. Brands just found my Instagram and liked my look and reached out. It’s pretty awesome the opportunities you have access to because of the Internet.

Where do I get my style inspiration?

No idea! I just get an idea into my head of something I really want to try – an outfit or a different look from some random era, and literally go out of my way to find it in stores or op-shops. I think Instagram is amazing in that I can follow really dope people and get inspired by their style, but you definitely just have to follow your own sense of fashion because it’s an expression of yourself.

Where do I buy my clothes, especially my sneakers?

I actually don’t have a lot of time to shop, but when I do I shop everywhere. I get a lot of basics from your usuals – Uniqlo, H&M, TopShop; and then I also shop in vintage stores, random small designer boutiques, the markets, anywhere! I never shop online, though. It’s just not my thing. My sneakers I’ve collected from all my travels – a bunch of my favourites are from Tokyo and NYC. I’ve never waited around for a hyped shoe to drop – I just cop whatever I come across that I fall in love with. Some stores in particular range from Footlocker to Sneakerboy, the Nike store to Opening Ceremony. I legitimately can’t even remember where they are all from, just anywhere I come across them.

What apps do I use to edit my photos?

It goes like this: 1) VSCO to adjust brightness/contrast/temperature; 2) Snapseed to desaturate backgrounds (make them more grey) and sharpen; 3) Instagram!

How did I meet Makai?

Funnily enough, Instagram! We were following each other back when I had like 200 followers and he had about 800. I remember when he hit 1000 I was like daaaaaamn, haha. But yeah, we were just following each other for a bit and he did the old slide into the DMs (but my Facebook DMs, because Instagram didn’t have that yet). And 3 and a half years later, here we are!

What is my fitness routine?

I train about 4 times a week (but really like 2 times a week and then I have a “headache” or am “too tired” or something – I have no discipline). At least one session is cardio and abs because I like keeping petite and try to maintain my waistline. Another session is dedicated to legs and my butt because I like being curvy too. I know, I want it all. The rest of the week I try to get in at least one upper body workout and another cardio workout. I always train with weights, I don’t see any growth otherwise.

What butt exercises do I do?

I always start with barbell squats, as heavy as possible. I also deadlift with the barbell, do walking lunges with kettle bells, and do weighted single-leg leg presses. Those are my mains. Other favourites include sumo kettle bell squats, weighted hip thrusts, weighted glute kickbacks, and Bulgarian split squats with dumbells. You can find tutorials for all of these on YouTube, but I had a personal trainer teach me everything I do. I’ll probably make a whole proper post dedicated to this later on.

What is my diet?

What diet? I am the worsssssst at trying to “eat clean”. I enjoy my food and I’m not scared of the calories.

When am I going to launch my YouTube channel?

ASAP. I know I’ve said that a lot but I promise, it’s soon.


If I forgot anything, comment below!



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